The Story of Gianna St Clare

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The Story of Gianna St Clare

As I open my eyes and see the ceiling the first thing I notice is the fatigue. I’m so tired, even though I slept for 12 hours. What comes next is the pain in my shoulder. Two surgeries and it still hurts so much that I don’t feel the fibromyalgia in the rest of my body. Well, at least I have my work mans comp because of my shoulder.

Ouch. Trying to get out of bed hurts.

Gotta go get some food.


“Hey Matt!” Boy I haven’t seen him in a long time. Maybe I will check out that health seminar he recommended to me. I would do just about anything right now to feel better and it doesn’t feel like a coincidence that I ran into him after so many years and he is telling me about this training, “The Solution.”

Here I am sitting in this chair wondering if this training is going to be any good. Man my shoulder hurts.


“Yes sure you can try your laser on my shoulder.”

15 min later…

“How does your shoulder feel Gianna?”

“I couldn’t lift my elbow above my shoulder this morning!”

“WOW! That’s pretty cool.”

1 week later…

Now I’m at Matt’s event on Success and here is Arnoux presenting for an hour.  I find myself sharing with the audience.


“I have to say that I haven’t had any pain in my shoulder since you lasered it last week. I also have WAY more energy, am sleeping less and feeling much better overall since I took your training last weekend.”


3 weeks since The Solution training…

Now I’m at Matt’s Hypnosis training event and here is Arnoux again.  I find myself sharing in front of the audience:

“Arnoux, since I listened to the audio of The Foundation, and attended The Solution now my fibromyalgia is gone too! I used your 7 Steps to release the grief and pain of my father’s death a year and a half ago, and I’m waking up early with energy and think to myself, ‘this is what normal people feel like.’ I’ve been wanting this for 20 years. My daughter said, (tears almost come out) ‘Mom, this is the first time in my whole life I’ve ever seen you actually be happy.'”

6 weeks since The Solution and now I’m at “The Completion Weekend” another one of Arnoux’s courses. Heck I signed up for ALL 9 of them! This course really changed my life and how I feel. I have to write Arnoux an email…


Hi Arnoux,

I wanted to thank you again for being the amazing person you are, for sharing your knowledge, wisdom and love with me and the world.

Once again you have changed my life. The sadness and heart ache over the loss of my dad is truly gone! There was a part of me that thought that some of it would come back, but it did not, as was proved to me yesterday when I was driving in my car and heard a song that ALWAYS makes me cry about dad when I hear it. There were no tears, I even tried to force them to come lol but they didn’t, what did come was a smile on my face and joy in my heart!

I am forever grateful that I met you….if this keeps up, I won’t even recognize myself. I want to share this work with everyone I know!

Big hugs,

Now it’s been almost 3 months and those darn sugar cravings are so bad that I can’t stick with the healthy lifestyle and I’m starting to have pain again, fatigue…this sucks!

“Gianna, you have sugar cravings? Let’s fix that right away. I’ll test you for the root cause….

It’s a calcium deficiency. That’s a common root cause for sugar addiction. You might remember I cover that in How to Overcome Addictions Without Willpower in The Foundation. Let’s test you for some Coral Legend….yes 6 per day should do it.”

Now I’m releasing TONS of emotional pain with the ERT process (Emotional Repolarization Technique).


Yes it’s another course.


After a couple of the releases my heart feels very heavy, but I know it’s just the emotions coming out.

Arnoux comes over…”So your heart hurts after doing the ERT’s? Didn’t you have a heart problem before?”

“I had a heart attack.”

“Fascinating!” Wink, wink.

Arnoux is a genius.

I can’t believe I released so much pain in just 2 days and now he wants to show us how to release the energy blocks in the body from Electro Magnetic Field Radiation. Who knew there was such a thing!

“Yes I’ll come on stage and be the demo subject! Whoo hoo!”

So we found a block on the right side of my head and David is helping Arnoux conduct the demo and removing the block….

“My headache is going away!”



“That’s amazing.”

Then we learned how to remove blockages in the energy body from traumas to our ancestors that we inherit. I end up partnering with Arnoux’s brother, Jonathan. Also a genius. He finds one right next to where the last block was on the right side of my head. Now the fuzzyness that was there is disappearing.

Not only that but at the beginning of the weekend I said that I wasn’t intuitive but Jonathan said he wasn’t going to accept that. And boy was he right. I was able to immediately tell without doing the testing process, but somehow just knew that Jonathan had 3 EMF caused blockages and that they were in his right ankle, and even where. When we tested…it turns out I was right!

This is getting fun! And I’m feeling exceedingly confident in my intuition now.

Arnoux asks for people to share so I have to.

He says to me, “Gianna, how long did you have that headache?”

“4 years.”

The audience gasps!!! And applauds!

Arnoux is a bit cheeky and says, “So was that worth the price of admission?”

“Ya think! Duh! Of course it was!”

Then as I’m walking out the door Arnoux says…

“Hey Gianna, how are your sugar cravings?”


“I forgot about them!”

Arnoux again…”I guess that means they’re gone!”

And it hasn’t even been 3 months yet!

I can’t wait to listen to the rest of Arnoux’s trainings on Audio, they’re so good.

If you want to see me on video sharing a little bit of my personal story with Arnoux at some of the live courses click below or paste the link below into your browser address bar.

It should be obvious that I recommend Arnoux’s training to anyone and everyone. It changed my life in every way. Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Don’t waste time, get started right now with The Solution on audio. If you want to know more about it go here:

Gianna St Clare


That was the true story of Gianna St Clare.  If you have a story like this…TELL IT!!!  Send me your testimonial videos and emails.

*Gianna is the one on the left.