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Why Is Your Life the Way It Is 


• You know how you try to change things in your life but the same issues keep coming up … they don’t have to!

• Find out WHY this happens … the first step in permanently changing these patterns!

• You have always believed that you could make your dreams come true, but there was no one to show you how, until now.

• Learn the science of how life is manifested, and how to create what you want from your heart and soul. You’ll no longer be a victim to circumstance.

Testimonials from course participants:

“I got off my anxiety medication after being on it for 18 years. I no longer have panic attacks. It’s no longer a part of my consciousness. The 7 Steps works! ” –Joyce Walker

“After a challenging childhood I realized I attracted men who didn’t appreciate me because of a lack of feeling worthy inside. I erased all of that during the 7 Steps weekend and attracted a really hot guy who treats me like a princess. ” -Seyha Heang

“Total Health Mastery saved my life! Not only did I finally find the answers I was desperately seeking for 17 years for my physical health, I also released the grief I was carrying for 12 years after my mom’s sudden death and the hurt and anger from a terrible break up.” -Elyse Homberger 

Events in Seattle & Southern California

Coming Soon in July 2016

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Join Us in Seattle, Washington

September 15, 16 & 17,  2017 Friday- Sunday, 10am-7pm

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