The 5 Step Emotional Eraser (5S)

What is it?
The 5 Step Emotional Eraser or 5 Steps is a way to remove the emotions from previous negative experiences or traumas and reprogram unconscious programming that manifests one’s reality. It doesn’t erase the memory of what happened but removes the programming causing physical reality. You will still remember what happened to you, but feel nothing. That’s when an incident is said to be “cleared”. People have used this tool to change every aspect of their lives, including physical symptoms of ill health.

What are the benefits?
Clients often report total relief from emotional pain of all types when using this process. Although this is a tremendous reason to learn and implement this tool there is another more powerful use. This tool can be used to remove repeating patterns from one’s life. You can change the type of person you repeatedly date, your financial status, your career, your health and other patterns by changing the unconscious programming that causes those patterns. That’s what the 5 Steps can be used for, to change your automatic life programs so that you can change your life and attract what you want effortlessly. You attract your problems effortlessly, why not your successes?

How was it discovered?
Arnoux Goran, founder of Total Health Mastery invented the 5 Steps in 2004. He had a personal need to remove old emotional and mental patterns blocking him from financial success in life and could not find a way to reprogram the unconscious permanently. During that year he invented the 7 Steps to Reprogramming Yourself and the 5 Step Emotional Eraser.

Arnoux did not offer the 5 Steps to the general public until 2011 as it’s an advanced technique that permanently clears traumas in less than 5 minutes and requires the user to be able to access the alpha state or a higher mental state at will.

Through trial and error and innovation Arnoux created a systematic way to learn the 5 Steps that is effective for all people who follow his instructions. The results of clients who attend The Breakthrough course and learn this process have been beyond imagination and inspiring to say the least.

How can I learn it?
You must first get The Solution and The Foundation audio programs and pass the exams to get The Breakthrough where the 5 Steps is taught. It’s also recommended that you practice “Causing Peace” which is taught in The Solution for 1 hour per day for at least 3 months before attempting to learn the 5 Steps but is not required. This will help you access alpha state more easily, as does following the physical health information taught in The Solution and The Foundation. To become certified simply pass the exam after The Breakthrough training.



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