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We provide the newest scientifically researched and proven data in a system of health education training in a step-by-step fashion that anyone can follow unlike any other in the world today.  Our clients consistently produce results that most people consider to be impossible.  Recently we got to meet Benjamin whose parents finally had him after 17 years of trying.  They conceived after just 1 month in our training, on accident.

To see just how incredible our trainings are, watch the “testimonial reel” on The Solution page Most of the results you see in the video happened in less than 12 weeks! 

Your journey of changing your life with our training begins with our 1st course, The Solution Weekend.

The Solution Weekend is hailed as “the best seminar I’ve ever attended” by doctors, nurses and health care professionals of all type, as well as authors, radio show hosts, and hopefully, you.

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Professional Health Consultant Teresa Maltese with her Certificates from our 2nd Course, The Foundation.

Professional Health Consultant Teresa Maltese with her Certificates from our 2nd Course, The Foundation.

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The University of California Irvine Research Team!

The University of California Irvine Research Team! 


Start Here Today!

Start Here Today!

What Our Graduates Are Saying…


Arnoux, since I listened to the audio of The Foundation, and attended The Solution now my fibromyalgia is gone too! I used your 7 Steps to release the grief and pain of my father's death a year and a half ago, and I'm waking up early with energy and think to myself, 'this is what normal people feel like.' I've been wanting this for 20 years. My daughter said, (tears almost come out) 'Mom, this is the first time in my whole life I've ever seen you actually be happy.'

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Orange County, CA  


"In 30 days I lost 35lbs. My doctor was so happy. He put me on an EKG machine and it turns out my heart and blood pressure medication was no longer necessary! I highly recommend Total Health Mastery’s programs. It works.” -George R. Adams, Attorney, Washington DC

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“Over the past 3 months and I have lost 30 plus pounds. Now my insulin in-take is half of what it used to be.” - Odin Myhre  Huntington Beach, CA

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“I got over a broken heart that I had been trying to get over for a year.“- Jennifer Montanez Newport Beach, CA

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“My cellulite that wouldn’t go away no matter what I tried just melted off during this training!” -Allyson Meacham, Executive, Long Beach, CA

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I had terrible swelling in my legs which my doctor diagnosed as Edema and prevented me from getting on an airplane.  More importantly it scared me.  I couldn't get help from any doctor and then I remembered to call Arnoux.  After I spoke with him over the phone my Edema was gone within weeks!

He has helped me several times with my health on several levels and changed the lives of many of my church members.  He has also been a featured guest on my TV show, A Celebrated Life.  I recommend Arnoux to everyone!
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Pastor, San Diego, CA  


I cleared my fear of flying forever in just a few minutes time. I also lost 45 pounds doing a cleanse without getting sick when I had always gotten sick previously. Arnoux is a true master of cleansing.

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Jewelry Designer, Santa Fe, New Mexico 


I've met Arnoux back in 2010 when I heard him speak on the radio. I've never heard anyone speak about weightloss, the way he spoke about it. I knew I came across someone special. I was overweight, border line obese and my confidence was down the dump! I felt like s*** and like a failure at life! After attending Arnoux's "The Solution Weekend", I was blown away about how much I did not know and how much I learned in just one weekend with him. I lost over 30 pounds within 2 months of applying what he had thought me in "The Solution Weekend".

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Total Health Mastery Professional Health Consultant, Los Angeles, CA 


"I haven’t caught a cold or flu for over 15 years…the principles Arnoux teaches in his class really work to create the kind of immune system that is totally impenetrable!!” -Linda Pearlman, Artist, Santa Fe, NM

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“I lost over 45 pounds, cured my carpal tunnel syndrome, improved my focus and mental clarity and a mysterious pain in my side that no doctor could diagnose went away during my Total Health Mastery Seminar!” -Carmen Sanchez, Costa Mesa, CA

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I quit drinking coffee with no cravings and zero headaches!

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Colon Hydrotherapist, Orange County, CA 


I am no longer angry at my father after a lifetime of trying to work through it.  I tried counseling and other forms of therapy but nothing worked for me until I took the Total Health Mastery training.  I also was able to get over the grief of my sister's recent passing, go from a Jr. Deacon to a Pastor in my church and no longer need neck surgery and don't take pain killers anymore for my neck or back as I'm out of pain finally.

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Pastor, Total Health Mastery Professional Health Consultant, Los Angeles, CA  


I got off of Lipitor and lost 40 pounds. My wife's vision improved and doesn't need glasses anymore.

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San Clemente, CA  


The results have been AMAZING, I don't think there are enough words to describe how FANTASTIC the results are, in fact, 'life changing' doesn't give it enough justice because it's so much more than that. Already I've gone from size 12 to 6, got off 3 allergy medications including steroids, 2 prescriptions for chronic back pain (muscle spasms & sciatica) removed heavy metals, got rid of arthritis & joint pain, and NO more Migraines!!!

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Los Angeles, CA 


As a personal trainer, my clients lost weight, got rid of their menstrual cramps, migraines...  the list goes on.

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Personal Trainer, Orange County, CA 

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Perfect health is your birth right. Human beings are meant to be in perfect health their entire life. Any other experience is an aberration of nature. — Arnoux Goran

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